• Individuals & Families Customized strategies that empower giving

    The most important thing is this:  to understand what you want to achieve in terms of your investing and giving goals.  That’s where it all starts.  The common thread among our individual and family clients is their desire to give to those that have been less fortunate.  By providing quality professional services to support and encourage our clients’ desire to give, we help sort out the complexities of charitable giving so that you can experience the joy that comes from helping others.  In the end, what’s important to us is only what’s important to you.

  • Organizations & Charities Focused investment management

    Organizations and charities need a strong partner that takes the time to understand their investment goals and then supports them in their desire to be a good steward of their assets.  The Fuller Foundation has been doing exactly that for more than 25 years by providing advanced investment management services including tools that hedge against the risk of market volatility. As an added benefit to our institutional clients that are qualified charities, we are able to assist their donors in facilitating gifts to the organization.

  • The Fuller Story A legacy of Kingdom-building that spans decades

    Since 1987, The Fuller Foundation has helped individuals and organizations reach their specific financial and giving goals and has also played a key role in supporting one of the most influential seminaries in the world. Originally formed to help provide support for the students, faculty, programs and facilities of Fuller Theological Seminary, the Foundation has extended its mission to include a wide-range of donor-directed giving. Still our roots are a source of pride to us.