The Fuller Foundation Story

Since 1987, The Fuller Foundation has helped individuals and organizations reach their specific financial and giving goals and has played a key role in supporting one of the most influential seminaries in the world—Fuller Seminary.

Fuller Seminary

For more than six decades, Fuller Seminary has been in the business of listening, learning and teaching in order to prepare leaders for the transformational work of the kingdom of God.  It is an international influence that started from humble beginnings. The Fuller story begins just four years after America was introduced to the groundbreaking invention called radio.  It was then that Charles Fuller seized the opportunity to reach millions by sharing what he called “the glorious gospel” over the airwaves.

Stepping Into the Gap

Two decades later in 1947, with that same spirit of adventure, he launched a theological seminary with 39 students and four professors in a windowless side room of a local church.  Firmly by his side were individuals who gathered coins, withdrew from their savings, and wrote generous checks to make the vision become a reality.  Women, men, and organizations stepped into the gap to support the training of evangelical preachers, missionaries, and leaders in every phase of Christian endeavor, who would shape the world for Christ and future generations to follow.

Dedicated Support

The Fuller Foundation is proud to partner with these dedicated supporters in helping to maintain and grow what has become the largest, most respected seminary in the world.