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What We Do

What We Do

The Fuller Foundation exists primarily to support individuals and families in their desire to give to organizations that are in the business of helping others. Often these are Christian ministries but throughout the years we have also made significant donations on behalf of our clients to a wide range of charities, colleges and universities.

Tax-Advantaged Giving

To effectively perform these duties, we utilize many investment and management tools that have been approved by the government and are often tax-advantaged for the giver. We like to think of this as “smart giving.” Along with realizing some tax benefits and protecting your principal, we help you to extend your funds so that more people in America and around the world can be impacted. It’s exciting for us to play a role in this important venture and we find great joy in seeing the needs of others being met by our very generous clients.

Investment Management

One of the primary ways we support our clients is through investment management. By becoming involved in the management of a client’s available funds, we are in a better position to give advice on how to maximize tax benefits, invest for the future and be able to increase giving to charitable organizations.

Protecting Assets

Over the years, we have developed a certain expertise in the area of hedge fund investing and management and have a proven track record. Of course, we always look for the right investment tool for the right situation—including a client’s risk and reward comfort level—but often a hedge fund, by its very nature, is a good protector of assets as well as a tool for growth.

We look forward to discussing your situation in confidence and sharing how The Fuller Foundation might help you in reaching your financial and giving goals.