Making an Investment in the Future

Endowments provide ongoing support for charities. Endowed gifts are invested so that the donor’s gifts can grow and the returns from the Endowment fund are used to invest in the charity’s mission. Most… Read more »

Finding Your Philanthropic Calling

The Fuller Foundation hosted a Charitable Giving Thought Leaders’ gathering, bringing together some of the greatest minds in faith-based philanthropy from around the country to discuss how to help Christians… Read more »

Partnering with Fuller Theological Seminary

Mark Labberton, President of Fuller Theological Seminary, shares about the long-standing partnership between Fuller Seminary and The Fuller Foundation. He shares that both institutions are committed to the work of… Read more »

Scholarships that Support Seminarians

Fuller Theological Seminary is one of the world’s most influential evangelical institutions and the largest multidenominational seminary. The Seminary has three schools—the School of Theology, School of Psychology and School… Read more »